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Adams & Bischoff, P.C. is committed to providing exceptional legal representation and personal service. Our goal is to win the best possible result for each client. This begins by understanding all the facts and your needs. We will be your partner in the defense. We will keep you fully informed about your case and our strategy. We will answer your questions and be available to you. This is the commitment and dedication we offer to our clients.

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In criminal cases, the government has significant taxpayer-funded resources - lawyers, police officers, laboratories, and budgets - at their disposal when they choose to bring charges against an individual. To win the best possible result, there are no shortcuts. The defense must fight the government fact by fact, which requires thorough and relentless preparation. Preparation defines Adams & Bischoff, P.C. Our listening preparation begins in our first meeting. It continues as we tirelessly investigate the case and the witnesses, shape the case through an aggressive motions practice, and present a well-planned defense at trial. Our preparation allows "the whole truth" to emerge, giving you the best opportunity for success.


Attorney Adams specifically has stood up to the government on behalf of men and women facing accusations since 1992. As a public defender and non-profit lawyer for more than 15 years, he demonstrated a passion for justice, knowledge of the law, and innovative courtroom presentation. These characteristics resulted in many successful outcomes for his clients. Now in private practice, clients with a broad knowledge of the legal community entrust Adams & Bischoff, P.C. to protect their liberty and their reputation's.

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