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After the verdict acquitting Mr. Williamson, the judge with more than 40 years experience on the federal bench said the following on the record:

“I've got to note, Mr. Adams, I always thank court-appointed counsel for their services. So I was going to thank you. And I am going to add to that, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a better tried case than you did in this instance, and I congratulate you on it.”

Chris had been asked to accept a court appointment to defend Mr. Williamson and was honored to accept it.

  • Won a life sentence for Lashaun Casey in a federal capital trial that lasted three months in Puerto Rico in 2013.  El Nuevo Dia (2013).  During juror selection, the editorial board of the New York Times called upon the Attorney General of the United States to dismiss the death penalty; however, the Department of Justice refused. New York Times (2013)

April 9, 2013, protesters against the death penalty begin gathering outside the federal courthouse in San Juan, Puerto Rico, four hours before the life verdict was returned.

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