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Fourth Circuit Vacates Procedurally Unreasonable Sentence; District Court Failed to Consider Defendant’s Arguments for Lesser Sentence

U.S. v. Benjamin Cornelius Blue (No. 16-4537) Defendant-Appellant Benjamin Cornelius Blue appeals his 272-month sentence, which the district court imposed after Blue pled guilty to armed bank robbery and brandishing a firearm during a crime of violence. On appeal, Blue argues that his sentence is unreasonable because the district court failed to address his non-frivolous arguments

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Federal Supervised Release Revocation Vacated, Remanded

United States v. Lacresha Slappy After serving a prison term, Slappy began serving a term of supervised release. Approximately one year later, Slappy’s probation officer filed a motion for revocation of Slappy’s supervised release, arguing numerous violations. At the revocation hearing, the Judge sentenced Slappy to the maximum punishment for these violations, while not specifically

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