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Fourth Circuit Affirms Convictions in Child Pornography Case

United States v. Miltier (No. 16-4729) This case stems from a 2013 FBI investigation, during which images of child pornography were downloaded from an IP address allegedly assigned to Miltier. A search warrant was executed at Miltier’s home, and a forensic review of his laptop and a flash drive revealed child pornography. Both devices were

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Fourth Circuit Ducks Tough Questions in Online Tracking Case; OK’s FBI’s Use of Malware to Track Darkweb Users

US v. Robert McLamb (No. 17-4299) McLamb challenges the district court’s order denying his motion to suppress evidence of child pornography contained on a hard drive recovered at his home. The FBI obtained the evidence in the course of its investigation of a child pornography website called “Playpen,” a hidden services message board located on

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Fourth Circuit: Peer-to-Peer File Sharing is “Distribution” of Child Pornography per 18 USC §2252A

United States v. Dean Stitz (No. 16-4813) The defendant was convicted for distributing child pornography after making files available for download on a peer-to-peer file sharing network. On appeal, he argues that the district court erred in finding a factual basis for his guilty plea, because he lacked specific intent to distribute child pornography. The

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Fourth Circuit Vacates Unreasonable Sentence in Child Pornography Case

U.S. v. Julian Zuk (No. 16-4727) In this appeal, the government challenges as substantively unreasonable the sentence imposed by the district court on Julian Zuk. Zuk was indicted on seven counts for transmitting, receiving, and possessing child pornography. The undisputed evidence shows that before his arrest, Zuk amassed more than 13,800 photographs and more than

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