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SC Supreme Court: No Mid-Trial Appeal for the State

State v. David Ledford (No. 2016-000791) During the charge conference in Mr. Ledford’s trial for inflicting great bodily injury upon a child, there was a dispute between the parties regarding the proper jury instructions. Ledford’s proposed jury instruction included a requirement that he acted “willfully” in order for the jury to convict. Ledford explained his requested jury

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SC Supreme Court Clarifies Interlocutory Appellate Procedures

State v. Andrew Looper (No. 2015-001493) Petitioner was charged with driving under the influence (DUI). At a pretrial hearing before a magistrate, Looper moved to suppress evidence of field sobriety tests and breath analysis, arguing they were the fruits of an unconstitutionally prolonged traffic stop. The magistrate granted Looper’s motion to suppress the evidence and dismissed the

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