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Fourth Circuit: NC Voluntary Manslaughter is a Violent Felony Per the ACCA

United States v. Antoine Darrell Smith (No. 17-4015) Smith pled guilty to one count of PWID cocaine, and one count of possession of ammunition by a convicted felon. Smith’s PSI indicated that he was subject to enhanced penalties under the ACCA, due in part to his North Carolina conviction for voluntary manslaughter. Smith argued that

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SC Supreme Court Affirms Convictions in Eyewitness ID Case

State v. Shawn Wyatt (Case No. 2016-001303) Kershaw Correctional Institute Officer Joe Schnettler was at his post in a watch tower when he observed a man run from the woods to the fence surrounding the prison. Schnettler watched the man throw eight packages over the fence, and then run back into the woods. During the

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Conviction Affirmed in Drug Trafficking Case

State v. Lance Miles Appellant was convicted for trafficking in illegal drugs. 1) Appellant argued that the court erred in instructing the jury that the defendant didn’t have to know that the drugs in question were Oxycodone. Defendant was caught with a package containing Oxycodone, and when questioned by a law enforcement officer about their

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SC Supreme Court Reverses COA; “Tennis Ball” Search Valid

State v. Taylor Police responded to an anonymous call that a black man on a bicycle appeared to be selling drugs in a “high crime area.” Police arrived and saw a black male on a bike “huddled up” with another male; they both attempted to flee when police approached. Police detained Taylor and performed a Terry

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