Alexandra “Allie” Menegakis
Experienced Criminal Trial Lawyer, and Criminal Justice Reform Advocate

For Allie Menegakis, criminal defense is a passion. She is savvy and experienced in helping clients navigate the legal system and winning great results, whether through a quiet dismissal or at trial.

In addition to defending her clients in the courtroom, she is also committed to speaking, teaching, and writing about criminal justice reform issues in the community.

Professional Experience

Allie began her career as a public defender in Palm Beach County, Florida. Throughout her six years as a public defender, Menegakis sharpened her litigation skills and became an experienced and successful trial attorney.

Before joining Adams & Bischoff, Menegakis was the criminal defense representative to Charleston County’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. She worked to help the court system reduce racial and economic disparity in pre-trial detention and bonds. This important position was funded by the MacArthur Foundation’s Safety and Justice Challenge Grant at the Charleston Public Defender’s Office.

Alexandra “Allie” Menegakis

Menegakis earned her undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Florida. She received her B.A. in Criminology and Law, studying the academic theories behind why crime occurs. In law school she focused on criminal defense, earning a Certificate in Criminal Justice and serving as the President of the Criminal Law Association.

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Alexandra “Allie” Menegakis
Alexandra “Allie” Menegakis
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