Criminal Client

Chris is very knowledgeable and puts that knowledge to work for you! We went through a complicated (and tedious) process in my husbands federal white collar case. There were many obstacles to overcome (ex; being prosecuted in a different state other than where we reside) and he creatively found solutions to those obstacles, including getting the case transfer back to our home state. He went the extra mile to contact multiple state agencies on my husbands behalf to get minor issues corrected, even though were not directly associated with the case at hand. Chris let us know exactly what outcome we should expect and worked with the prosecutor so that there ended up being no surprises. He was ALWAYS available to both of us and responded quickly to calls or emails, even though he was busy with other federal cases around the country. Chris’s fees were fair and he worked very hard to represent my husband. He definitely earned his fee and then some. I am so thankful to have found him. He is a genuine nice guy who is willing to help others however he can.