If you have been charged with a crime, the first thing you should do is contact a Moncks Corner criminal lawyer. It is best not to give a statement or answer any questions without legal representation present, as anything you say could be used against you later in court.

Once you have been arrested or charged, law enforcement, investigators, and prosecutors will not be looking out for your best interests, so it could be beneficial to hire a dedicated attorney who can protect your rights starting from the time of arrest continuing through all future criminal and legal proceedings.

What are the Misdemeanor Classes and Penalties?

There are three classes of misdemeanors in Moncks Corner. The sanctions prescribed for each class are as follows:

  • Class A — Confinement for up to three years
  • Class B — Confinement for up to two years
  • Class C — Less than one year of confinement

A conviction for a misdemeanor offense does not always result in confinement. In some cases, the court could impose just a fine and community service hours in lieu of serving time.

Examples of Misdemeanors

Examples of misdemeanor offenses include petit larceny and assault and battery in the second or third degree. A criminal attorney in Moncks Corner could fight for the least restrictive sanctions for an individual charged of committing a misdemeanor.

What are the Classes and Penalties for Felonies?

There are six classes of felonies in Moncks Corner, and each is punishable by imprisonment for up to a certain number of years.  The maximum prison sentence prescribed by law for crimes associated with each felony class are as follows:

  • Class A — 30 years
  • Class B — 25 years
  • Class C — 20 years
  • Class D — 15 years
  • Class E — 10 years
  • Class F — 5 years

An individual who acts as an accessory before the fact, such as by providing assistance to another person in preparation for committing a criminal offense, is also guilty of a felony. If convicted, the individual who acted as an accessory before the fact can receive the same punishment for carrying out the crime.

Examples of Felonies

Examples of felony crimes include burglary, grand larceny, and assault and battery in the first degree. A skilled lawyer familiar with the different felony classes could explain the sanctions associated with a particular felony offense.

Unclassified Criminal Offenses in Moncks Corner

Any offense punishable by less than one year of incarceration is considered as a misdemeanor but is not categorized into one of the three misdemeanor classes. Several felony crimes are also not categorized into any of the standard felony classes, including many drug offenses.

Unclassified offenses are exempt from standard classification. The penalties for such crimes are usually noted within the section of the state code of laws where the offense is prohibited. A hardworking attorney in Moncks Corner could explain the sanctions indicated for criminal offenses not categorized into one of the standard misdemeanor or felony classes.

Contact a Moncks Corner Criminal Attorney for Legal Assistance

Whether facing misdemeanor or felony criminal charges, it is important that you have legal representation. Defending yourself against criminal charges can be extremely challenging. A Moncks Corner criminal lawyer could provide essential legal assistance.

If you happen to have any type of criminal history, it could potentially be used against you during legal proceedings. An attorney could recommend the best way to handle the situation if prior convictions are involved. Call to discuss your case with a legal professional today.