Facing a criminal charge may feel like a daunting task that has the potential to upturn your life. High fines, prison sentences, and other potential punishments could all result in the event of a conviction.

A legal defense prepared by a qualified attorney could help reduce the charges against you, or see them dismissed altogether. An experienced Irmo criminal defense lawyer is ready to prepare your case and protect your rights.

Categories of Crimes Under State Law

South Carolina Code of Laws Title 16 outlines many criminal laws and defines broad categories, as well as specific offenses, for which a person may be charged within the state. Common criminal charges include:

Each charge carries its own unique proof requirements, potential rebuttals, and strategies to allocate against the prosecutor’s allegations. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney in Irmo could aid people who are accused of these charges through the legal process.

What is the Prosecution’s Burden of Proof?

The high burden of “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” must be met by a prosecutor in order for a criminal conviction to be successful. Proof beyond a reasonable doubt arises when the jury is firmly convinced of the accused person’s guilt. In a case like this, “proof beyond reasonable doubt” means that the prosecutor has provided enough tangible or logical evidence for a jury to rationally believe the alleged victim’s point of view.

Even though this standard exists, many juries might not hold the prosecutor to this exacting standard unless reminded by a proper defense strategy. When the prosecutor’s case is challenged by a competent Irmo defense attorney, many juries will better utilize this standard, which ultimately may have a constructive effect on the outcome of an accused person’s case.

Building a Tailored Defense Against Criminal Charges

Every case is unique so every defense should be personalized to best fit each case accordingly. The use of one-size-fits-all legal strategies is not appropriate to protect the rights of an accused person . The specific elements of the criminal charge and the particular facts of the defendant’s case must be considered when developing a defense strategy. Strong defense strategies may include, but are not limited to:

  • Demonstrating that reasonable doubt remains
  • Showing mistaken identity by witness
  • Challenging credibility of law enforcement testimony
  • Combating scientific evidence used by law enforcement
  • Presenting an alibi to the offense
  • Filing a suppression motion against certain evidence

The possibility of a successful defense against the charges could be more likely with the use of a uniquely tailored strategy. A knowledgeable lawyer in Irmo could investigate the criminal case to create a personalized defense.

Enlist the Help of an Irmo Criminal Defense Attorney Today

Criminal charges should not be taken lightly, no matter the level of the alleged offense. Misdemeanors and felonies carry the potential for loss of your freedoms, as well as major impacts on your finances and future.

You do not have to face these charges alone. An experienced Irmo criminal defense lawyer could help you protect your rights. Call now for a confidential consultation to learn about your legal options.