College and university students are meant to be enjoying their newfound freedom, learning, and spending time with friends. New freedom and independence can sometimes lead to making bad decisions that result in criminal allegations. If you have been accused of a misdemeanor or felony, a conviction can affect your constitutional rights and your ability to stay in school. You may face expulsion or suspension alongside criminal sanctions, such as incarceration and fines.

No matter the charge you face, you have the right to defend against the allegations against you. An experienced Irmo student defense lawyer has the knowledge necessary to analyze your case and build a proper defense. Entrust your case and future with a well-versed criminal attorney now.

Common Criminal Charges against Scholars

Students can be accused of the same charges as any other adult. However, students face unique challenges fighting the effects of these charges because violations of a school’s code of conduct could result in educational sanctions. Most codes prohibit criminal conduct, both on and off campus. A violation, or even the allegation of a violation, could result in serious repercussions at school.

Criminal offenses commonly faced by scholars include, but are not limited to:

These potential crimes and many others may lead to criminal charges that could affect the student’s life in many ways. A successful Irmo defense attorney may help reduce or dismiss the charges to help protect the student’s rights.

Title IX Allegations in Irmo University Criminal Cases

Under federal legislation, Title IX requires that all universities and colleges have an office to handle sexual discrimination cases. If a student is faced with allegations of sexual discrimination, their rights are at grave risk. The Title IX office will be involved in the case if these types of allegations exist.

Allegations which may implicate Title IX could include:

  • Discriminatory acts based on gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity
  • Rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Criminal sexual conduct
  • Date rape
  • Prostitution

These offenses, and potentially others, may result in Title IX violations and criminal charges. It is possible to face sanctions under state criminal law and through the university at the same time for Title IX violations. A trusted attorney could help an Irmo student refute the Title IX crimes alleged against them.

Allegations of Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct allegations are not usually criminal in nature, but they are no less serious for a scholar’s future. Allegations of cheating or other infractions could be overblown by a school, and many schools jump to conclusions before properly investigating a case.

Common examples academic misconduct could include having another student take the exam, using electronics, or lack of proper citations. Cheat sheets and unacceptable collaboration charges are also common.

Defending Academic Misconduct Allegations

Cases of academic misconduct occur within some form of disciplinary committee. This committee is governed by rules on how the case is handled and evidence is presented. A qualified Irmo attorney can handle these unique rules and evidentiary standards to assist in defending the student’s academic and legal rights.

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If you face allegations of a criminal charge, Title IX violation, or academic misconduct, you need representation to ensure your rights are safe. Unrepresented scholars could find themselves taken advantage of. A skilled Irmo student defense lawyer may assist you in building a case against these types of allegations. Contact our office today to learn more.