Traffic offenses are criminal charges, and anyone accused of one needs to take it seriously. Depending on the nature of the charge, you could face not only expensive tickets, but also risk losing your driver’s license. Jail time may even exist for certain types of roadway offenses in specific circumstances. A proper defense against a driving citation or charge may help reduce potential penalties or eliminate it completely.

With an experienced Irmo traffic lawyer by your side, you can fight back against these charges and ensure your constitutional rights are protected. A skilled criminal defense attorney could help you during the legal process to ensure you get the best case result possible.

Driving Offenses Under State Law

Title 56 of the South Carolina Code sets forth the requirements of motor vehicles, tickets, and much more. Getting a traffic ticket may not seem serious, as many people get at least one in their lives. However, specific details may make the case more severe. Drivers with multiple tickets risk losing their licenses and paying higher insurance premiums.

One of the most common roadway violations in the state is for speeding. Traveling more than the posted speed limit may result in small to large fines, depending primarily on the amount of speeding. This can also add points to the driver’s license that could ultimately lead to suspension or revocation of it.

While speeding and other minor violations can have some repercussions, more serious offenses may include:

  • Failure to wear a seat belt
  • Operating a motor vehicle without insurance
  • DUI or DUAC
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Open container violations
  • Reckless driving
  • Child restraint violations

These types of offenses constitute more serious charges than a typical traffic ticket. Some may even reach the level of a felony, depending on the seriousness of the alleged conduct. Anyone accused of the behaviors listed above should seek guidance from a diligent Irmo traffic attorney as soon as possible.

Potential Consequences of an Irmo Traffic Offense

Many different kinds of penalties are possible after being accused of a driving violation. These might include costly tickets, criminal fines, suspension or revocation of the driver’s license, prison or jail time, and loss of constitutional rights

Another unique requirement for drivers convicted of certain offenses is the imposition of “high-risk” insurance. Also known as SR-22 coverage, this is considerably more expensive and is usually required in DUI cases and other serious traffic infractions. If a person loses their driver’s license, they may also lose their job because they cannot get to work.

A hard-working roadway violation attorney could help lower or eliminate these types of penalties against someone in Irmo.

Tips for Responding to a Roadway Violation

Getting pulled over and given a ticket can be a frustrating experience, especially if the defendant feels they did not violate the law as claimed by the police officer. In any case, certain pieces of advice may help the defendant in their case.

When talking to the officer, responses should always be polite and short. A defendant should never admit guilt to the officer, otherwise defending the case will be very difficult. Also, avoid posting about the situation on social media, as these posts could be used in court later. Lastly, a defendant should never ignore a ticket, as ignoring it could result in much more serious charges. The best option is to consult a qualified driving infraction attorney in Irmo as soon as possible to get sound advice and guidance from them.

Speak with an Irmo Traffic Attorney Today

Driving offenses can cost you money and potentially your freedom. No matter the level of your alleged offense, you are innocent until proven guilty. A proper defense strategy may save you the harsh effects of a conviction. To fight for your rights, contact an experienced Irmo traffic lawyer today.