The state permits certain individuals to lawfully own or carry a firearm in accordance with the South Carolina Code of Laws. However, violating gun laws could result in arrest, criminal charges, as well as penalties, if found guilty of the violation. Contact a Moncks Corner gun lawyer for assistance if you have been charged with a firearms offense.

A criminal defense attorney could defend you against charges and fight to protect your right to gun ownership. They could also work on lawfully recovering your firearm if it has been confiscated by law enforcement.

Moncks Corner Gun Laws

For individuals who own or are planning to own a gun, it is essential to know and follow state firearms laws. Many firearm offenses are felonies that could result in a lengthy prison sentence if convicted. A legal professional in Moncks Corner familiar with firearms laws could differentiate between a misdemeanor and felony gun violations.

Examples of handgun offenses in Monks Corner include knowingly purchasing or receiving a stolen handgun or the concealed carry of a handgun without a valid permit. It is also against the law to be in possession of a handgun on or near school grounds, as well as near churches and certain government buildings.

What are the Laws for Possession of Long Guns?

In addition to regulations on handgun ownership and possession, the law also stipulates regulations regarding several types of long guns. In general, unless a person is a member of the federal armed forces, it is against the law to own certain types of long guns, including sawed-off shotguns and rifles, as well as machine guns and military firearms.

Who is Prohibited from Owning Firearms?

Under state law, several groups of individuals are restricted from owning firearms in Moncks Corner. Selling or delivering a gun to such an individual is a felony and is punishable by either a $2,000 fine, a prison sentence of up to five years, or both.

Persons restricted from owning or being in possession of a firearm include:

  • Minors under age 18 years
  • Fugitives from the law
  • Individuals convicted of a violent crime
  • Individuals adjudicated to be mentally incompetent
  • Drug addicts and individuals who are habitually drunk
  • Members of any subversive organization

A legal representative who handles firearms cases could provide additional details about the laws prohibiting certain individuals from owning or possessing a gun in Moncks Corner.

Penalties for Gun Law Violations

The penalties for gun law violations in Moncks Corner may include fines and confinement, as well as confiscation and the loss of the right to own or possess a firearm. The specific sanctions imposed depend on whether the violation is a misdemeanor or felony offense. A legal advisor in Moncks Corner could explain the punishments associated with a specific gun law violation.

Unlawfully carrying a handgun is a misdemeanor that could include a punishment of up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine, as well as confiscation of an individual’s firearm. Possession of a prohibited long gun, such as a sawed-off shotgun or rifle, is a felony. The penalties for a long gun violation include a $10,000 fine and a possible ten-year prison sentence.

Consult a Moncks Corner Gun Attorney in Your Right to Carry has been Obstructed

It is not advisable to fight a legal battle over a gun violation on your own. You need the professional assistance of a Moncks Corner gun lawyer.

An attorney could fight allegations of violated gun laws and work to protect your rights. Consult dedicated legal counsel about your next move.