Whether you are anticipating being arrested, or have already been arrested, calling a Charleston child pornography arrests lawyer could be beneficial in fighting the allegations against you. They can prepare you with a well-thought-out defense against the charges or help prove that the evidence points in a different direction. Let a skilled criminal defense attorney help by investigating the claims against you and providing unwavering support.

Common Arrest Scenarios in Charleston

Common scenarios involving juvenile pornography arrests often include the police showing up with a search warrant at the crack of dawn and forcing their way into homes and arresting people. Law enforcement will have the warrant in advance, and they may send out a team to show up unannounced at a suspect’s house.

If somebody was caught with images during the search, they could certainly be arrested by Charleston law enforcement on-site. With the feds, it may be more of an on-going investigation where they are tracking IP addresses other a period of time, so they usually plan in advance to make an arrest for the safety of the officers and the maximum impact upon recovering devices.

Arrest Timing

How the government chooses when to arrest someone depends on their investigation. If they are investigating a group of people who are allegedly sharing child pornography in Charleston, they could arrest at the first image, or they could wait and see if the investigation could go further and reveal more evidence against multiple offenders.

What is the Booking Process in Charleston?

The process of arresting and booking the perpetrator for the possession of sexually explicit content of a child by federal agents starts with a search warrant. If law enforcement comes into an individual’s house, the search victim is entitled to a copy of the search warrant. They should also be entitled to a call their lawyer, which they should do immediately. If the agents seize any devices in the house or from their possession, it must be documented, and a release form should be given to the people left behind in the house.

For example, in a family home, if local law enforcement is arresting the adult son, charging him with downloading child pornography, the parents should be given a copy of the search warrant, the arrest warrant, and a form showing all the items seized from the house, such as computers, laptops, routers, cellphones, and tablets.

Should a Person Contact an Attorney Before or After an Arrest?

After being arrested for pornography involving an adolescent, a person should contact a Charleston attorney immediately. Oftentimes, agents will come by to talk to somebody first or ask who else had access to a computer. Sometimes they will disclose that there is an investigation going on. Once they hear there is an investigation happening, that is when a person should call their legal representative.

If a person was not aware that there is an investigation into their activity going on until they are arrest, there is still a lot that can be done before their devices are taken. First, the defendant will need to get a bond so that they can get out of jail and keep their job, house, and life stable as they fight the charges against them.

Role of an Attorney

The role of a criminal defense representative in helping someone deal with the government’s investigation is to put a buffer between the individual and the federal laws. A lawyer in Charleston who knows how to navigate early litigation in child pornography arrests over what devices are going to be taken out of their house and which ones they are allowed to keep. They may also be able to negotiate a bond release. Sometimes the investigation truly has it wrong and one can get experts in early to demonstrate the defendant’s innocence.

For example, in one case, the Secret Service, in conjunction with local law enforcement, served a search warrant on a house with multiple family members in it. They claimed that they had a tip from Interpol from several years ago at the same IP address.

It was shown that these people did not live at that house at that time. It disproved the accuracy of their search warrant and, ultimately, no charges were brought. Getting in early and being aggressive can make a big difference.

Fighting Allegations of Child Porn

A Charleston legal advisor can also get an expert in to see whether the sexually explicit images of minors were looked at on an open system or a closed system. A lot of times, the IP address could be traced, but if there is an open Wi-Fi system, there could be a neighbor who has been downloading the porn through the Wi-Fi. These things need to be dealt with aggressively and as quickly as possible before the evidence is gone.

Reach Out to a Charleston Child Pornography Attorney Before or After an Arrest

Before an arrest occurs, there is still a lot that can be done to prevent law enforcement from taking your devices and invading your personal rights. After an arrest occurs, you will need qualified legal guidance to discuss what your next move should be. Call a Charleston child pornography arrests lawyer for the assistance you need.