When a student is accused of a crime or a serious offense, they may feel as though they have little power to explain themselves. The legal process can be adversarial, and the university conduct system can sometimes be confusing and intimidating

If you or your child are facing discipline for an alleged offense, may be available from a dedicated criminal attorney. A well-informed Mount Pleasant student defense lawyer could represent a student through both legal and administrative hearings and protect their rights and interests.

Hazing in Mount Pleasant

Per the South Carolina Code of Laws §16-3-510, hazing is defined as intentionally or recklessly engaging in initiation activities that could foreseeably cause physical harm. Under the statute, customary athletic competitions or military training exercises may not constitute hazing.

Under S.C. Code Ann. §16-3-520, it is also illegal in Mount Pleasant to knowingly permit hazing or fail to report it when possible instances become evident. Individuals who are found to have violated either statute may be charged with a misdemeanor and may be lawfully sentenced to up to one year in jail, in addition to a $500 fine.

The implied consent of those who were allegedly hazed is not a valid defense under Mount Pleasant law. However, a persuasive attorney in Mount Pleasant may be able to raise other viable defenses for a student.

Suspension and Expulsion from Mount Pleasant Schools

Schools in Mount Pleasant may suspend, expel, or transfer a student based on certain grounds. Possible valid reasons include the following:

  • Commission of a crime
  • Gross immorality or misbehavior
  • Persistent disobedience

These terms tend to have ambiguous connotations that may be discussed with a student defense lawyer in Mount Pleasant. Although a school principal may be authorized by S.C. Code Ann. §59-63-220 to suspend a pupil from class for up to ten days, more severe consequences may require a hearing.

Generally, the student and their parents must be notified of the time and place of a scheduled conference to discuss the disciplinary matter. At such hearings in Mount Pleasant, the family may bring a student defense lawyer to advocate on their behalf.

Student Defense in Mount Pleasant Charter Schools

Per the South Carolina Charter Schools Act of 1996, a Mount Pleasant school’s application to the state for a charter must include a description of students’ rights and responsibilities, including notice and hearing procedures before the board of directors if serious allegations might result in suspension or expulsion.

As such, a parent or older pupil may look to the charter of such educational institutions to find the indicated rights of students, as well as the rules and consequences for violating them. A local family might also consider hiring a defense attorney to interpret the school’s charter and represent the student at board hearings.

Speak With a Student Defense Attorney in Mount Pleasant Today

Alleged violations relating to events in and around schools may result in severe penalties. Often, accused parties must answer to the educational administration, as well as local law enforcement and the Mount Pleasant courts.

If you or your child have been accused or charged with punishable activities, you do not have to deal with these legal matters on your own. A seasoned Mount Pleasant student defense lawyer may have experience with cases involving your school. Call today to schedule a consultation.