Prostitution is a crime in Mount Pleasant, and the police are often on the lookout for those they believe are offering sexual favors in exchange for financial gain. If you have been accused of prostitution, you may be at risk of jail time and other severe criminal and interpersonal consequences.

The best way to resolve your charges may be to enlist the help of a criminal defense attorney with a thorough knowledge of the local courts. Consider speaking with a Mount Pleasant prostitution lawyer to learn more about your rights.

Prostitution Laws in Mount Pleasant

Prostitution as a criminal offense applies to more than just the individuals involved in the act. According to the South Carolina Code of Laws §§16-15-90 and 16-15-100, encouraging or helping others engage in prostitution is also a crime. In fact, participation in any step of prostitution is prohibited, including:

  • Engaging in the act of trading sexual acts for some good, service, or monetary benefit
  • Helping others participate in prostitution
  • Procuring a prostitute for another person
  • Showing private areas to elicit a request for prostitution
  • Living in, entering, or staying in a brothel
  • Owning or operating a brothel
  • Welcoming someone into a dwelling or vehicle for prostitution
  • Transporting someone for prostitution

The court may also punish someone for helping any party that participates in an act of prostitution in any way. Contact a knowledgeable defense lawyer to learn more about prostitution laws.

Other Acts Related to Prostitution

It is a crime to force, coerce, or encourage another person to enter a house of prostitution. A procurer, commonly referred to as a “pimp,” may not take money from another person engaged in the act of prostitution unless there is a purchase made during the ordinary course of a legal contract. A Mount Pleasant prostitution attorney could further explain the different acts that fall under prostitution and how they apply to an individual’s case.

Penalties for Prostitution in Mount Pleasant

State law imposes increasingly severe penalties based on the number of previous convictions. For a first offense, the court may fine the defendant up to $200 and put them in jail for no more than 30 days.

Upon a second conviction, the court may issue a fine of $1,000 and put that person in prison for six months. If the court finds a person guilty of prostitution three or more times, the penalty may increase to a $3,000 fine and at least one year in prison.

Besides the risk of fines and jail sentences, a person may face burdens in their personal life if they have a criminal record. This record may appear on background checks when applying for jobs or housing. Individuals facing these penalties should contact a prostitution lawyer in Mount Pleasant right away.

Get in Touch with a Prostitution Attorney in Mount Pleasant as Soon as Possible

Prostitution cases can be difficult to navigate on your own, especially if you have previously faced allegations or convictions. If you were accused of prostitution, a dedicated attorney may be able to help you develop a strong and cohesive defense. Contact a Mount Pleasant prostitution lawyer to review your situation and get to work exploring your legal options.