If you are charged with a sex crime, your future is at risk. These offenses carry heavy potential penalties, including steep fines, long prison sentences, and sex offender registration. Many sex crimes are considered felonies, which will permanently stain your record.

If you value your reputation, rights, and future, you need an experienced North Charleston sex crimes lawyer behind you. Schedule a consultation with a criminal attorney today to start forming a defense to these charges.

Types of Sex Crimes under State Law

There are a wide variety of sex crimes under South Carolina state law. Some of the more commonly charged offenses include:

Every sex crime is serious, but different actions vary from misdemeanors to felony-level offenses. The specific charge a defendant faces will determine the severity of the potential criminal penalty. An attorney who has experience representing individuals charged with a sex crime in North Charleston could assist with building a personalized defense using the assistance of medical experts and investigators.

Sex Offender Registration in North Charleston

If a defendant is convicted of certain sex-related crimes, they may be required to register as a sex offender in South Carolina. This process entails registering with law enforcement to be placed on a nationwide database. The registry allows the general public to view a sex offender’s personal information, including their residence, place of employment, and conviction information.

How Long does Sex Offender Registration Last?

For many, registration lasts for life. There are constant reporting requirements, such as notifying neighbors of their sex offender status after conviction and every time they move. This often leads to restrictions on where a person can live and who will hire them for employment.

Avoiding a conviction for a sex offense is the best way to stay off the registry. A skilled defense attorney in the community could help those accused of sex crimes mitigate the impact their charges have on their future.

What Defenses are Available for Sex Offense Charges?

While sex offenses are extremely serious, there are many potential defenses that a retained lawyer could apply to a particular case. A strong legal defense could result in a reduction or even an outright dismissal of the charges.

Every case is different, but the following strategies may be effective in fighting against sex crime charges:

  • Presenting reasonable doubt to the jury
  • Pleading the affirmative defense of consent
  • Cross-examining the state’s witnesses
  • Attacking credibility of any witness
  • Filing a suppression motion to exclude certain evidence
  • Challenging the investigative procedure of law enforcement

In order to create a thorough defense for specific sex offense charges, a local attorney may first interview the defendant and all witnesses to learn the facts of the case. After collecting all the necessary information, they would research the law to find potential effective defense methods. An experienced North Charleston sex crimes attorney could then present that evidence in a compelling and legally persuasive case before the judge in court.

Consult a Sex Crimes Attorney in North Charleston Today

Sex crime charges should be taken very seriously. However, if you are facing these types of accusations, you do not have to fight them alone. A defense attorney could offer years of rigorous legal experience, which may be an invaluable tool in the battle for your constitutional rights and freedom. Contact a practiced North Charleston sex crimes lawyer today for a consultation.