The crime of fraud encompasses a wide range of activities and could carry severe penalties. If you face federal fraud charges, getting help from a skilled federal criminal attorney may be a vital step towards protecting your rights.

A South Carolina federal fraud lawyer may be able to help you win your case or fight for a more favorable outcome. Understanding the laws and following strict federal court rules could give you an advantage when dealing with allegations of fraudulent behavior.

Federal Fraud Laws

Fraud cases may be difficult to understand because there are many forms of fraud as well as many laws addressing fraudulent acts. A knowledgeable South Carolina federal fraud attorney could help explain which federal statutes apply to a particular case.

Generally, fraud refers to any wrongful or criminal deception done for financial or other personal gains. For example, possessing any false, altered, or forged document with the intent to obtain money from the United States is an act of fraud under 18 United States Code §1002. Other potential examples of criminal fraud include:

Penalties for Federal Fraud in South Carolina

The potential penalties for federal fraud depend on which specific fraud statute a person is accused of violating. For instance, a person accused of possessing false papers could face a maximum penalty of five years in prison plus a fine. However, a person convicted of mail fraud faces up to 30 years in prison and a $1,000,000 fine.

Fraud crimes can also have consequences beyond fines and prison time, as they may place a person’s freedom, ability to obtain employment, and future credibility in jeopardy. A federal fraud lawyer in South Carolina may be able to work to reduce penalties and safeguard a person’s future.

Evidence in Federal Fraud Cases

Fraud cases frequently involve numerous witnesses as well as a great deal of complex evidence. In particular, there may be extensive financial documents or highly technical data involved with fraud that takes place on computers or over the Internet. Occasionally, experts may be needed to help understand or contest this evidence.

Federal courts strictly enforce rules of evidence and court procedure, so failing to follow these rules could negatively affect a case. A seasoned lawyer could help a defendant in effectively investigating and litigating their case.

Call a South Carolina Federal Fraud Attorney Today

Laws and evidence in federal fraud cases may be challenging to understand. With that in mind, hiring an attorney with knowledge of these laws and the skills to efficiently examine evidence and witnesses could give you the best chance of effectively fighting a fraud case.

A South Carolina federal fraud lawyer may be able to build a strong defense against fraud charges and ensure that your rights are protected. Speaking with legal counsel as soon as possible could help you avoid an unnecessarily harsh sentence or unintended consequences, so call today for help with your case.