Robbery is a felony offense carrying stiff penalties. A conviction can change your life forever, so it is important to choose the right person for your defense. The skilled attorneys at Adams & Bischoff have years of experience handling these types of theft cases and protecting the rights of accused individuals.

Let a North Charleston robbery lawyer help you successfully navigate the criminal justice system. When the stakes are this high, you need an aggressive defense to fight the charges against you and minimize the potential consequences.

The Various Forms of Robbery

The definition of robbery is taking someone’s property by using or threatening to use force. The severity of a robbery charge depends on whether the alleged perpetrator uses or menaces another person with a deadly weapon. All robbery charges are felonies, and those convicted could face lengthy prison sentences and the long-lasting consequences of a criminal record.

Charges when Property is Taken

There are two types of charges when a person takes another person’s property: armed or strong-armed robbery. Strong-armed or common law robbery is the lesser offense and does not involve a deadly weapon. South Carolina Code of Laws, Section 16-11-325 directs courts to order up to 15 years imprisonment for this crime. The Code does not specify a minimum incarceration timeframe, so probation may be possible in certain circumstances. A skilled lawyer at our North Charleston office could help to argue for decreased sentencing in a strong-armed robbery case.

Armed robbery occurs when the suspect uses or pretends to use a deadly weapon. Importantly, the individual does not have to actually possess a weapon to face this charge. Acting as if they have the object and making it clear to the alleged victim that they would use it is sufficient. S.C. Code § 16-11-330(A) provides examples of what qualifies as a deadly weapon, including a:

  • Gun
  • Knife
  • Razor
  • Slingshot
  • Bat
  • Brick

This offense carries a mandatory minimum sentence of ten years in prison. The maximum incarceration time is 30 years, and those convicted must serve a minimum of seven years before parole is available.

What Happens if the Robbery is Unsuccessful or Abandoned?

If a person planned on committing robbery but did not complete the act, they can still face felony charges for attempted robbery under S.C. Code § 16-11-330(B). The government must establish that the person intended to commit the offense and took definite steps to complete the crime. Although there is no set minimum, a conviction on this count could lead to a maximum of 20 years in prison.

Lifelong Consequences of a Robbery Conviction in North Charleston

Felony convictions become part of a person’s permanent record and may continue to impact their life long after completing their prison sentence. The disclosure of this information is often required and could affect person’s ability to secure employment, loans, educational opportunities, professional licensing, and housing. Convicted felons also lose their right to vote and own firearms.

These additional restrictions have far-reaching consequences on an individual’s ability to move past an incident. By working with an experienced robbery lawyer in their area, defendants may minimize the negative effect these convictions have so they can fully participate in society.

Speak to a North Charleston Robbery Attorney for Legal Guidance

Robbery sentences can be life-altering, so those accused must vigorously defend themselves to prevent harsh sentencing. The attorneys at Adams & Bischoff are well-versed in this area of criminal law and have experience representing individuals from the time of arrest through trial. Our lawyers could accompany you during police interviews and negotiate plea with prosecutors on your behalf. If needed, we are prepared to present exculpatory evidence and argue against the government’s case at trial.

An arrest for robbery, armed or otherwise, does not automatically lead to a conviction. You have the right to challenge the case against you and defend your side of the story. By hiring a seasoned North Charleston robbery lawyer, you may increase your chances of receiving a fair plea deal or even an acquittal of your case. Contact us today to review your options.