Making plans to commit a crime with another individual is an offense referred to as conspiracy. Even if the intended crime was never carried out, someone could still be charged with and prosecuted for conspiracy.

If you have been formally accused of plotting to commit a crime, let a Summerville conspiracy lawyer assist you. With an attorney representing you, you could have someone who understands the law working to protect your constitutional rights. They could defend you against false allegations and fight to secure an optimal outcome for you.

Conspiracy Laws in Summerville

Laws prohibiting conspiracy in Summerville are covered under South Carolina Code of Laws 16-17-410 of the South Carolina Code of Laws. Conspiracy is a common crime legally defined as two or more persons working to achieve something unlawful or something by illegal means.

Conspiracy to commit an unlawful act could be, for example, if two individuals made plans to rob a local convenience store outlining a date and time during which only one employee is working the counter. These plans could include agreeing on a method for taking cash from both the cash register and safe behind the counter.

An example of conspiracy to accomplish something lawful by unlawful means would be three friends agreeing to sell illicit drugs to raise enough money to start a legitimate business, such as opening a pizzeria. Opening a restaurant is a lawful activity, but using money earned through the sale or distribution of illicit drugs is unlawful. An attorney who understands conspiracy laws in Summerville could answer questions about whether specific actions constitute conspiracy.

Potential Penalties Upon Conviction

Conspiracy is categorized as a felony offense in Summerville. The penalty for committing conspiracy includes a fine up to $5,000 and imprisonment for up to five years. However, the punishment should not exceed the penalties imposed on the individuals if they were convicted for carrying out the unlawful act or crime conspired.

An individual could be convicted and sentenced for conspiracy even if none of the co-conspirators are charged or convicted. Additionally, it is not necessary for the actual crime being planned to have been committed to charge someone criminal conspiracy. A lawyer who handles conspiracy cases in Summerville could provide more information about the evidence needed for a conviction, as well as answer questions about penalties that could be imposed upon conviction.

Speak with a Summerville Conspiracy Attorney

It is not advisable to represent yourself against criminal conspiracy charges. A Summerville conspiracy lawyer could provide crucial legal guidance by preparing a strong defense to fight the allegations against you and safeguard your rights, such as the right to confront your accusers, including the co-conspirators who might testify against you.

With an attorney on your side, you could have someone fighting on your behalf to attain the best possible outcome for you. If you are facing charges of conspiracy, speak with an attorney about your case right away.