A drug charge in Summerville could be damaging to your reputation and leave a serious mark on your record. Law enforcement who find controlled substances on your person or in your vehicle could arrest you for unlawful possession. If the amount of the narcotics that you are accused of holding is large enough, you could be indicted for trafficking and face a felony conviction.

If you are in legal trouble and need experienced counsel to help you, it may be a wise idea to contact an attorney. A Summerville drug lawyer may be able to vigorously advocate on your behalf and build an effective defense to the charges against you.

Possession of Schedule I Controlled Substances in Summerville

In Summerville, law enforcement and other authorities categorize controlled substances by schedule. Under the South Carolina Code of Laws §44-53-180, a narcotic is classified as Schedule I drug if it meets any of the following criteria:

  • High potential for abuse
  • No accepted medical use in treatment in the United States
  • Lack of accepted safety for use with medical supervision

Opiates, opiate derivatives, heroin, morphine, and peyote fall under the category of a Schedule I drug. Possession of Schedule I narcotics is generally charged as a misdemeanor for a first offense.

If a person is convicted of the possession of a Schedule I controlled substance, the penalty may include a fine of up to $5,000 and a maximum term of incarceration of two years.

Drug Trafficking Charges in Summerville

In certain quantities, possession of an illegal substance could constitute a drug trafficking charge, a much more significant offense. The elevated charges for trafficking are meant to clamp down on distributors and smugglers of controlled substances.

Per S.C. Code Ann. §44-53-370, a person who has allegedly grown, sold, or purchased more than ten pounds of marijuana may be charged with trafficking in marijuana. The penalties upon conviction may depend on the weight of the drug and the frequency of the offense. If someone is found guilty of growing, selling, or buying at least 10,000 pounds or 10,000 plants, they may be incarcerated for 25 to 30 years.

An individual in Summerville may be indicted for trafficking LSD if they are alleged to have manufactured, sold, or bought at least 100 doses of the controlled substance. They may receive a felony charge, which may carry a sentence of three to ten years and a fine of $20,000 for a first-time offense. A drug attorney in Summerville may be well-versed in defending clients against such charges.

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The courts in Summerville take indictments for narcotic offenses quite seriously. If you have been accused of trafficking or possessing controlled substances, you may wish to contact an attorney as soon as possible.

An attorney could analyze the specific circumstances of your arrest, negotiate with prosecutors and judges, and place you in the best position for a positive outcome in your case. Call a Summerville drug lawyer today to discuss your case.