In South Carolina, a traffic ticket is a criminal offense. If you pay a ticket, you are pleading guilty and will be subject to various fines and penalties. A Summerville traffic lawyer could explain your options and help you determine the most effective and beneficial course of action in your case.

When you receive a traffic ticket, there is more at stake than you might think. Tickets and other driving offenses add points to your license, which can contribute to increased insurance rates and even the suspension of your license. A criminal defense lawyer may be able to assess your situation and work toward the best resolution possible in your case.

What are Common Traffic Offenses in Summerville?

Speeding tickets are typically the most common traffic citation that police officers write in Summerville. However, there are various other traffic offenses that can have adverse effects on driving records, insurance rates, and licenses. These offenses include:

  • Reckless driving
  • Driving under a suspended license
  • Open container

Penalties for Traffic Offenses

Any of these offenses could result in a criminal conviction, including minor speeding tickets. Even one ticket can add points to licenses that can result in drastically increased insurance rates for the next two to three years. For individuals who accrue 12 points or more, license suspension becomes a possibility, which may then affect the ability of individuals to work or attend school.

For individuals who are residents of other states, the risks are the same. The state will send notice of tickets or traffic offenses to the home state of individuals, where they may also face repercussions. A traffic lawyer in Summerville may be able to ensure that individuals fully understand their options before making crucial decisions in their case.

What Should I Do in a Traffic Stop?

When police officers make a traffic stop, drivers should be cooperative and pleasant throughout their encounter. While individuals should not admit guilt to a criminal offense or say anything to incriminate themselves, they still can be respectful and polite. The demeanor of drivers is always important during these interactions with police, because ultimately, the police officer will decide whether to issue a ticket or simply a warning.

No matter how frustrated drivers may be at a traffic stop, being rude or belligerent will not improve the situation. With the help of an attorney in Summerville, drivers may be able to fight back against traffic tickets in court after the fact, but they will never talk their way out of a ticket during a stop.

Costs of Summerville Traffic Tickets

The fines and court costs for traffic violations are steep. Additionally, almost all traffic offenses result in the assessment of points on licenses. When individuals receive traffic tickets, they also will see a corresponding increase in their insurance rates that will remain in place for at least a few years.

Furthermore, if drivers receive too many traffic tickets, then they may lose their licenses. Many employers require that employees have valid licenses to perform their jobs, or at least the ability to get to work on time. When driving privileges are suspended, individuals often lose their jobs.

With job loss often comes an inability to pay household bills, support families, and pay for other necessities. The financial impact of a single traffic offense can be far greater than one might imagine. As a result, drivers in this situation should not hesitate to contact legal counsel for advice.

Ask a Summerville Traffic Attorney for Help

Traffic courts tend to move quickly, which means you may only have a short period of time between receiving your ticket and appearing in court. Retaining legal advice during this period can be crucial to a positive outcome in your case. A Summerville traffic lawyer could give you the knowledge that you need to make informed decisions about how to handle your traffic ticket. Reach out to an attorney today.