The potential for jail time and steep fines following a conviction for driving while intoxicated may be reason enough to contest a driving under the influence charge. However, another unfortunate consequence of facing a Charleston DUI charge is that it can have an effect on employment options for a person’s future.

Even an arrest without a conviction could potentially come back to bite you in your career, so it could be worth talking to a seasoned DUI attorney about how to identify and minimize these potentially negative effects.

Effects on Different Activities and Careers

The most obvious impact of a DUI on an employee would be how the suspension or restriction of their driver’s license limits their ability to get to and from work. Beyond that, individuals who drive as a part of their employment often have difficulty keeping their job after facing charges, due to the way companies deal with their insurance policies for employees whose job duties involve operating motor vehicles on a regular basis.

Can a First-Time DUI Affect Your Job?

A first-offense DUI typically does not cause employment issues in Charleston, but it depends on what an employee’s responsibilities are. If an employer finds out that an employee who uses a company car was convicted of DUI, it is likely that individual could lose their job because of the insurance rates associated with that particular company.

In addition, if someone drives a truck, an 18-wheeler, or some sort of commercial vehicle for work and has a commercial driver’s license (CDL), a DUI conviction could keep them off the road and unable to drive for a certain period. Accordingly, the convicted person might lose their job if they cannot perform their work-related responsibilities as they did before they were convicted.

The Impact of an Arrest without a Conviction

Typically, if someone is arrested for a DUI and it does not result in a conviction, an experienced representative could work to get it expunged from their record. Driving records do not reflect arrests, only convictions. A DUI arrest is only going to show up on someone’s criminal background check, but if the DUI charge is ultimately dismissed, then someone can have that arrest expunged so that it cannot have an effect someone’s employment opportunities in the future.

How Do Employers Find Out About DUIs?

Employers typically run background checks on potential employees. Unfortunately, when someone is arrested for a DUI, even if their record is expunged and there is no official copy of the arrest that would show up on a traditional criminal background check, a mug shot from the arrest might be picked up by the third-party companies use for this process. It is difficult to completely clear a record given the way the internet works. Even a first-time DUI arrest can cause problems for people as a result of the new technology associated with background checks.

That being said, the only way a conviction can get an employed person in trouble at their job is if their employer were to find out about it. If a person was arrested and taken to the Charleston County Detention Center, then their mug shot would be posted online after their arrest. If a potential employer knows where to look, they could find out about that arrest, and it is up to each individual employer how they deal with the situation.

Discuss Employment-Related Effects of a DUI with an Attorney in Charleston

Most punishments handed down by a court following a DUI conviction can be contested to some degree. However, if not consulted early on in the litigation process, there may be nothing even the most skilled attorney can do to protect you from the charges negatively affecting your job.

Do not delay in contacting a Charleston DUI lawyer to discuss how a charge may have an effect on your employment. Call today to set up a consultation.