Beyond just fines, legal fees, and the potential of jail time, a DUI conviction in the state of South Carolina may also be accompanied by a number of other penalties as well. One of the most common is a requirement that the convicted person install a device in any vehicle they drive that disables their engine if they are at all intoxicated. A seasoned DUI attorney could explain more about ignition interlock device requirements following Charleston DUIs.

What Is an Ignition Interlock Device?

An ignition interlock device (IID) is a machine that is permanently attached to an individual’s vehicle and connected to its engine. It will shut down someone’s automobile if they blow a 0.02 percent BAC either before starting the car or while the car is running. This machine is intended to stop anybody who is under the influence of continuing to drive a car.

After a DUI conviction in Charleston that requires IID installation, any vehicle that the convicted party drives must have one of these devices installed. Typically, the average cost for an ignition interlock is about $500 per month, depending on where someone lives and how often they must have the device serviced.

Rules for Installation and Use

The requirements for use of an ignition interlock device vary depending on whether the person mandated to install one was convicted for a first, second, third, fourth and subsequent, or felony DUI offense. The blood alcohol content (BAC) connected to their case also plays a role, even with a first-time DUI offender.  The particulars outlined in the law will dictate how long an offender must have the device installed on their vehicle.  The more severe the conviction the more likely an IID is required.

Installation of an IID allows a person convicted of DUI in Charleston to drive at any time during the day, even out-of-state. Prior to the enactment of the ignition interlock device law, people convicted of DUI could have their driving privileges suspended or even completely revoked. Today, the law allows individuals to drive their vehicles even after convictions for multiple DUI offenses but does so in a way that is safe for the public.

Other Alcohol Monitoring Devices Used in Charleston

There are no other alcohol monitoring devices that are mandated or required by the state in DUI cases. However, the state does utilize SCRAM devices in certain situations, which monitors an individual’s daily alcohol intake. These machines allow probation officers or the court systems to monitor someone who perhaps has a substance abuse problem.

What a DUI Attorney Could Do to Help with IIDs in Charleston

IID installation can be performed in certified locations across the state of South Carolina. For example, the closest place to Charleston to get an interlock device installed is off of Sam Rittenberg Boulevard in West Ashley. While these devices can be expensive, they give individuals convicted of a DUI a way to maintain their driving privileges.

If you have any questions about whether an IID may be required in your case or about any other aspect of DUI offenses, a lawyer could provide customized guidance and support. Call today to discuss your case.