While perhaps not the primary concern of those facing charges for driving under the influence, the potential effects that a conviction could have on your car insurance policy is not something that should be taken lightly. While some may think penalties handed down by a criminal court and license reinstatement charges would make up the bulk of the losses following a conviction, changes to your insurance coverage could end up having the largest and longest relative impact on a person’s finances.

Understanding how Charleston DUI convictions and auto insurance interact is not an exact science, as individual courts and companies approach their respective sides of the circumstances differently based on each defendant and policyholder. However, a knowledgeable DUI attorney could work with you to examine your situation and offer guidance about what you could expect after facing charges.

How Does the Insurance Company Know About a Drivers DUIs?

Often, insurance companies will randomly review the driving records of their policyholders. High-risk drivers may have their records run by their insurance companies more frequently than someone who has a pristine driving history, but otherwise, there is no direct way in which the government notifies auto policy companies of DUI violations.

After a conviction or an implied consent violation, this information will typically go on someone’s driving record. When the insurance company opens that individual’s records for whatever reason, they may discover the convictions and increase that person’s policy.

Some auto insurance carriers do drop individuals with DUI charges from coverage, however, there are plenty of insurance alternatives. So, an individual convicted of DUI can still find automobile insurance coverage, although it may likely be more expensive.

How Could Legal Counsel Help?

Experienced DUI defense attorneys can build a case before it is called to trial in order to negotiate an insurance company dropping the defendant as a customer. Because insurance companies consistently change the way they determine rates for their policyholders and treat individuals differently based on their background and policy, it is difficult for a legal advisor to know the exact impact that a traffic violation or DUI conviction could have on someone’s record. Each claim would have to be approached on a case-by-case basis

Explore Further DUI Car Insurance Implications with a Charleston Attorney’s Help

While a seasoned legal representative may not be able to pinpoint exactly how a Charleston DUI conviction could affect your auto insurance rates, they could help you get a better idea of the potential consequences you are facing and prepare you for any outcome. They could work tirelessly on your behalf to contest the allegations against you and minimize the negative impact a conviction could bring to your future finances.

Call a Charleston DUI lawyer who is familiar with the nuances of insurance company claims today to learn more.