A DUI arrest can have a significant impact on your life almost immediately. You could face social stigma, lose your job, or have your driver’s license suspended, which would make it difficult to get to and from work, school, or your children’s after school activities.

Fortunately, a skilled DUI lawyer could not only contest the allegations against you in court but also work to minimize the negative short and long-term effects that your arrest may cause. With professional guidance and legal support, you may stand a better chance of making life after a DUI arrest in Charleston easier to manage for yourself.

Long-Term Effects of a DUI Arrest

The main way in which a Charleston DUI arrest can impact someone’s life in the long term is through the social stigma attached to DUIs. In South Carolina, a DUI conviction is permanently included in the convicted person’s criminal record and presently cannot be expunged under South Carolina law.

Additionally, an individual’s employer or insurance company might find out about the arrest from information that has been posted online or by checking jail and arrest records. Insurance companies often check the driving records of high-risk drivers every 12 months, as well. However, drivers are usually not legally obligated to tell their employers or advise their insurance companies of DUI arrests.

In the interest of preventing these kinds of outcomes, an experienced DUI lawyer could defend against the charge and help prevent someone from receiving a conviction that would be on their record permanently. During an initial consultation with a DUI lawyer, there is no need for anyone else to be made aware of the arrest unless a client asks their attorney to help them talk to someone about it.

Consequences in Other States

A DUI on record in Charleston could impact an individual’s ability to obtain a license in another state because many states throughout the country are part of an interstate compact agreement. This means that if an individual is licensed in one state and receives a DUI conviction in another, the state where the DUI conviction occurred would communicate with the individual’s home state to advise them of the conviction.

Because of this, it is possible for a person to receive penalties and suspensions against their license both in their home state and in the state where the conviction took place. That being said, someone visiting from out of state or another country should still be able to return home and otherwise continue their life without issue if they are arrested for DUI in Charleston.

Discuss How Best to Approach Life After a Charleston DUI Arrest with a Knowledgeable Attorney

In the eyes of the law, an arrest is very much not the same thing as a conviction. In the eyes of employers, insurance companies, and society at large, however, even an accusation of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be immensely damaging to your personal life, finances, and future opportunities.

Handling life after a DUI arrest in Charleston can be far from a simple matter, but seeking skilled legal counsel as soon as possible after such an arrest can make a world of difference in the ultimate outcome of your case, both legally and personally. To talk through your options and start working on a proactive plan of action, contact a DUI lawyer today and schedule a consultation.