Getting a driving under the influence (DUI) charge is serious, and if it is coupled with the fact that you are driving without a license, the issues can become compounded. The specific penalties you face often depend on the type of DUI offense the prosecutor charges and how they handle the without a permit charge. Those with a previous driving with unlawful alcohol content (DUAC) charges often have suspended permits, and continuing to drive can result in complications with a past or pending case.

Getting a charge for a DUI without a license in Charleston will present you with unique challenges that could affect your freedom and your finances. It is imperative you protect your rights with a strong defense presented by a skilled DUAC attorney.

Suspension of a Driver’s License for a DUI

Most DUI cases run the risk of a driver losing their license for a period of time. Those convicted of a prior DUAC may have had their permit suspended from six months up to several years. During this time, a defendant is not permitted to drive a motor vehicle, and the choice to do so can result in an additional criminal charge. Even with this new charge, the defendant has the right to present a defense to these accusations.

Administrative suspensions may occur if an individual refuses to consent to a breath or chemical test. This suspension can also occur for at least six months, but may be longer. Driving during this suspension period can result in significant criminal charges.

Anyone charged with a driving under a suspended permit should connect with a Charleston DUI attorney as soon as possible.

Restricted Driving Privileges Following a DUI

Those convicted of a DUAC may be subjected to limited driving privileges under several potential options. Driving on a temporary alcohol restricted license, provisional license, or route restricted permit may allow a defendant to travel with certain limitations.

If a driver violates the limitations of these special driving privileges, they may face criminal charges similar to driving without any kind of permit. The penalties for DUAC with a suspended license charges can be very severe, and a diligent Charleston attorney could help reduce or eliminate them.

Getting a DUAC without a License Charge

A person may be without a driver’s permit for several reasons, potentially including the permit was:

  • Never issued
  • Suspended as the result of a prior DUAC or other crime
  • Expired
  • Revoked due to medical reasons

In any case, getting a DUI charge while a defendant is without a valid license can result in several kinds of charges. Penalties for driving without a permit are typically misdemeanors that may subject a defendant to up to six months behind bars and a fine of up to $500.

Compounding Charges

If a driver is intoxicated while driving without a license, they can face multiple offenses at the same time. Not only could the driver face charges for the driving without a permit, they may also face separated DUAC charges as well.

Each offense may impact the other in many ways. Determinations of bail and probation may be affected by the joint charges. The judge’s determination of sentence may also be affected by the fact that a person was intoxicated without a license. A competent attorney in Charleston could help explain the possible interactions between a driving without a permit charge and a DUI.

Call an Attorney about DUIs Without a License in Charleston Now

These types of situations cannot be taken lightly. The interactions between these charges can create a list of issues that may result in severe consequences. Your criminal charges must be addressed properly to avoid the worst potential penalties.

If you face charges for DUI without a license in Charleston, our office is ready to render assistance. Contact our team now to get started.