Prostitution and related offenses are unlawful in Goose Creek, and you could face jail time if you are found guilty of these charges. Further, multiple convictions could result in a harsher sentence for the same charge in the future. Let a Goose Creek prostitution lawyer represent you and help you fight those charges.

Without the assistance of an attorney, it could be more difficult for you to present a viable defense to the charges against you. It is best to have professional legal representation when charged with prostitution.

What are Prostitution, Lewdness, and Assignation Offenses in Goose Creek?

Prostitution is unlawful in Goose Creek, as is assignation, lewdness, and other related offenses. Specifically, when this charge alleges, it involves an exchange of sexual services for money or other items of value. Assignation involves making arrangements to engage in prostitution, such as setting an appointment to meet with a solicitor and engage in sexual activity for money.

Lewdness pertains to offensive sexual conduct, such as exposing one’s self or offering specific sexual acts to people passing by on the street. Engaging in prostitution in an alley is also an example of lewd behavior. A knowledgable attorney familiar with prostitution laws in Goose Creek could list other unlawful actions related that could also result in arrest.

Other Unlawful Related Offenses in Goose Creek

In addition to prostitution, assignation, and lewdness, several other unlawful related offenses are outlined in sections 16-15-90 and 16-15-100 of the South Carolina Code of Laws. Examples of other unlawful related offenses for which a person could be arrested and charged in Goose Creek include knowingly aiding or abetting someone in committing an act of prostitution, as well as setting up a brothel or house. It is also against the law to encourage, persuade, or force a female to become a prostitute.

In general, participating in any conduct pertaining to prostitution is unlawful in Goose Creek.

What are the Legal Sanctions for Prostitution Convictions in Goose Creek?

An individual convicted of prostitution in Goose Creek can be sentenced to 30 days in jail or fined $200 for a first offense. A second conviction for any prostitution-related offense can be punished more severely, usually with a six-month jail sentence and a $1,000 fine.

Upon conviction for a third or subsequent time, the penalties include a prison sentence of one year or longer and a $3,000 fine. A prostitution defense lawyer in Goose Creek could potentially fight for a reduced sentence if a defendant is facing conviction for a subsequent offense.

Speak with a Goose Creek Prostitution Attorney if You have Subsequent Offenses

Being convicted of prostitution or a related offense could have a negative impact on future opportunities for employment, housing, or other areas. It is not easy to fight criminal charges on your own without legal representation. You could benefit from hiring a Goose Creek prostitution lawyer to prepare a defense on your behalf.

An attorney can be particularly helpful if you have even just one prior conviction for prostitution because they would know how to best handle your defense. Speak with legal counsel immediately for the help you need.