Sometimes, college students take risks that cause them to get in trouble with their university and the criminal legal system. A criminal charge or university disciplinary action could have long-term ramifications that may severally alter a scholar’s future. Entrust your case outcome with a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with situations like yours.

If you are charged with a crime on a college campus, an experienced Goose Creek student defense lawyer could work to minimize your allegations, negotiate with the prosecution, and school, and defend you at a court or university hearing.

Common College Offenses

There are various reasons a student may face criminal allegations. Some of the more common allegations someone in college may face include:

A scholar defense attorney in Goose Creek could refute any of the allegations listed above and help reduce penalties for people convicted of them.

Penalties for Scholarly Misconduct

When a person enrolled in college is accused of a crime, whether a misdemeanor or a felony, they often must deal with the criminal court system. A misdemeanor charge will carry short jail terms and minor fines. A felony, such as violent offenses or drug charges, will have longer imprisonment times and hefty fines. A court may also impose loss of privileges such as suspending the convicted person’s driver’s license or sending them to a court-approved training course and therapy sessions.

Many of these criminal matters do not go to trial. Instead, a seasoned Goose Creek student defense attorney may be able to negotiate with the prosecution to get in a reduction in charges, a plea agreement, participation in a pre-trial intervention program, or a dismissal of charges.

If convicted, a student could face community service, fines, jail time, or long incarceration, depending on the severity of the charge. The university has a code of conduct to penalize someone for violating the rules. These penalties could include:

  • Expulsion, suspension, or school probation
  • Loss of financial aid or scholarships
  • Asset forfeiture
  • Loss of on-campus housing
  • Non-admittance into academic programs
  • Removal from clubs or sport teams

A Goose Creek legal team experienced in academic charges could negotiate with the administration, build a strong rebuttal at the hearing, and ensure the best possible outcome for the student’s academic future.

School Disciplinary Hearings in Goose Creek

In addition to the legal system, when a scholar is accused of a crime, they may have to participate in a university disciplinary hearing. Evidentiary rules and standards of proof are often lower at a college hearing than in a court of law. At a hearing, the school will decide what penalty is appropriate.

A dedicated Goose Creek attorney familiar with student defense cases may help prepare a response to the allegations. They could represent the scholar at the hearing using their legal skills to build a strong rebuttal and advocate for mitigation or dismissal of penalties.

Seek Help from a Student Defense Attorney in Goose Creek Now

Most college scholars are not hardened criminals, they are young adults who may make poor decisions without thinking of the consequences. Whether you are facing the criminal justice system, a university disciplinary hearing, or both, a skilled Goose Creek student defense lawyer may help you understand your charges. An accomplished legal team could work to negotiate with the prosecution or the university to ensure you receive the minimum penalty possible for your case.

One mistake should not ruin your reputation and academic future. Reach out to a scholar defense attorney today to understand your rights and options. Your future is valuable and a diligent legal professional could help you protect it.