If you have been arrested and are facing criminal charges for soliciting a prostitute or assisting someone with seeking or procuring prostitution services, consider speaking with a Goose Creek solicitation lawyer for help avoiding a penalty.

The penalties for solicitation are harsher if you have already been convicted previously. If you are facing arrest or criminal charges for a subsequent offense, it could be an advantage for you to work with a skilled attorney, rather than defend yourself.

Solicitation Offenses in Goose Creek

Solicitation and other offenses related to prostitution are described in section 16-15-90 of the South Carolina Code of Laws. Actions related to solicitation that are deemed unlawful in this section of the law include:

  • Procuring or soliciting someone for the purpose of prostitution
  • Entering into a building or other place for the purpose of engaging in lewdness or assignation
  • Receiving someone into a vehicle for the purpose of engaging in lewdness or assignation
  • Directing, taking, or transporting someone to a place of prostitution for the purpose of soliciting a prostitute

Not only is it unlawful to solicit a prostitute by agreeing to pay money for sexual services, but it is also against the law to assist another person in obtaining the services of a prostitute. For instance, giving a friend the name, number, or location of a known prostitute could be construed as aiding in committing solicitation or assignation. A legal advisor familiar with prostitution and solicitation laws in Goose Creek could provide critical legal assistance for fighting a soliciting charge.

Goose Creek Penalties for Soliciting a Prostitute

The penalty for the first offense of soliciting a prostitute in Goose Creek is up to 30 days in jail or a $200 fine. In some cases, a person may only be fined and not sentenced to any jail time for a first offense.

Individuals arrested and charged with solicitation for a second time could be sentenced to a maximum of six months in jail and charged a fine of $1,000. A legal representative in Goose Creek could present arguments to the court against imposing the maximum sentence in cases when a defendant is facing possible conviction.

Third or subsequent solicitation offenses are punished more severely than a first or second offense. There is a minimum one-year prison sentence for subsequent convictions of soliciting a prostitute. Additionally, a $3,000 fine could be imposed as well.

Contact a Goose Creek Solicitation Attorney if You have Subsequent Convictions

You could benefit from working with a Goose Creek solicitation lawyer if you have been charged with soliciting a prostitute. An attorney could demonstrate that no crime occurred, which could lead to the charges being dropped or a ruling of not guilty being issued. It is generally in your best interest to be represented by a legal professional rather than attempting to defend yourself in court.

If you have been convicted of solicitation previously, it is imperative that you retain legal assistance. Subsequent convictions of the same offense are associated with harsher sentences. Call to schedule a consultation with a professional who handles these types of cases today.