Many people do not know that you can request to have certain items removed from a criminal record in a legal process called expungement. A Goose Creek expungement lawyer could explain more about the process of removing items from your criminal record.

Only eligible police or court records can be expunged. A seasoned criminal attorney could review your criminal record to identify arrests, charges, or other items that meet the eligibility requirements for expungement and assist you with the application to remove them.

What are the Benefits of Expunging Criminal Records?

There are benefits of applying for expungement of charges on criminal records. If a request is approved, the requested item will be officially removed from the individual’s criminal history.

Once removed, expunged items, such as arrests or formal criminal charges, cannot be viewed by the general public. This means that these items will no longer show up in background checks completed by potential employers or landlords, for instance. Removing arrests and charges could help an individual’s career and living prospects, as well as their reputation. A diligent attorney in Goose Creek could work to expunge an individual’s record.

Applications for Expungement of Records in Goose Creek

Eligible items are not automatically deleted from a person’s criminal record, individuals must follow the application process. A completed expungement order form must be submitted to the county solicitor’s office in the judicial circuit where the criminal charge originated.

There is a fee for submitting the order form, and a separate form should be submitted for each eligible item for which expungement is requested. Failing to follow the application process properly could result in the denial of the request. A lawyer in Goose Creek could handle the application process and ensure all required documentation is submitted to the corresponding solicitor’s office.

When is Someone Eligible for Expungement?

It is not possible to have every arrest, conviction, or record of other encounters with the criminal justice or legal systems expunged. Only certain items are eligible to be removed from a criminal record in Goose Creek. In most cases, only records associated with the first offense of a non-violent misdemeanor crime are eligible for expungement.

Examples of charges that are eligible for removal from a criminal record in Goose Creek include ones a judge ultimately dismissed, the county solicitor chose not to prosecute, and for which a person was found not guilty. Other items that can be expunged include a first offense conviction for marijuana possession and for any offense that has a maximum sentence of 30 days in jail. A legal representative could provide more information about other items that can also be expunged from a criminal record.

Items that are not eligible for expungement include violent crimes, felonies, wildlife offenses, and most traffic violations. The only type of traffic violation that an attorney could help remove from a person’s record is a conviction for failing to stop when signaled by law enforcement, and only if it was the first offense.

Contact an Expungement Attorney in Goose Creek Today

The expungement of eligible items does require completion of the necessary forms and submission of a fee, but the process is worth it to have charges and arrests deleted from your public record. An attorney could identify all items that qualify and help you clear up your record.

A Goose Creek expungement lawyer could work with you to ensure no mistakes are made during the application process. Contact legal counsel to begin the application process today.