When facing a serious allegation of a sex-crime related offense, the steps you take next could mean the difference between a mitigated sentence or receiving the full brunt of what the courts have to offer. That does not mean all hope is lost, however. With the right help from an aggressive criminal defense attorney in North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, or Summersville, you could ensure that your rights are protected during this stressful time. Let a Goose Creek sex crimes lawyer defend you against the allegations you are facing.

Sexual Battery and Penalties in Goose Creek

In Goose Creek, crimes involving rape or sexual battery are identified as criminal sexual conduct and can be charged in the first, second, or third degree. Charges of criminal sexual conduct can also be filed for assault crimes in which there was an intent to commit sexual battery. Under the law, assaulting someone with the intent to commit sexual battery is subject to the same penalties as criminal sexual conduct.

The maximum prison sentences for convictions of criminal sexual conduct in the first, second, and third degrees are thirty, twenty, and ten years, respectively. An individual convicted of criminal sexual conduct in any degree might also be ordered to be listed in the sex offender registry. A skilled attorney for sex crime cases could explain the differences between charges of criminal sexual conduct in each degree in Goose Creek.

Sex Crimes Against Minors in Goose Creek

Sexual battery crimes in which the victim was a minor, such as statutory rape, are charged as criminal sexual conduct with a minor. For offenses in the first degree, there is a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 25 years. The maximum penalty for criminal sexual conduct with a minor in the second or third degree is imprisonment for twenty and fifteen years, respectively.

Other sex crimes against minors in Goose Creek include child exploitation, child prostitution, and disseminating pornography or other obscene materials to minors. Distributing inappropriate materials to a minor is punishable by a prison sentence of up to ten or 15 years, depending on the age of the minor. For information about the punishments for other offenses involving minors, speak with a knowledgeable Goose Creek lawyer who understands sex offense laws and could help construct a viable defense.

Other Sex Offenses and Penalties in Goose Creek

Other types of sex offenses prohibited in Goose Greek include indecent exposure, sending obscene messages to another person without consent, and prostitution-based offenses. Indecent exposure, which involves public nudity, is a misdemeanor and is punishable by either a fine or incarceration for no more than three years. Sending unsolicited and unwanted obscene messages to someone is also a misdemeanor with the same sanctions as indecent exposure.

Prostitution-based sex crimes include prostitution, lewdness, solicitation, and operating a brothel, as well as other offenses. The penalties that can be imposed for prostitution or a related offense range from a $200 fine and up to 30 days in jail for the first offense to a $3,000 fine and a minimum one-year prison sentence for a third or subsequent offense.

Consult a Goose Creek Sex Crimes Attorney

A wide range of offenses are categorized as sex crimes in Goose Creek, from indecent exposure to criminal sexual conduct. If you are charged with any kind of sexual offense, it could prove beneficial to speak with a Goose Creek sex crimes lawyer.

An attorney could help you fight for a desirable outcome in your case. Consult an attorney immediately for critical legal guidance.