Traffic infractions are criminal violations, and when you pay a citation, you are pleading guilty to an offense. Paying a ticket could have a lasting negative impact on your license, insurance rates, and criminal record.

If you are charged with breaking a driving law, an experienced Goose Creek traffic lawyer may help you understand your citation, including the number of points assessed on your license to how your insurance will be affected. Moreover, a criminal defense attorney could work to defend you and ensure your rights are protected.

What Happens When Someone Pays a Driving Ticket Goose Creek?

Paying a ticket without knowing all the ramifications could result in long-term consequences, like increased auto insurance rates, difficulty getting auto insurance, and having points added to a driving record.

License Points

Most roadway infractions have points that are assessed based on each person’s driving record. A minor speeding ticket could impact someone’s record and lead to increased insurance premiums. Upon receiving 12 points, an individual’s license will be suspended.

South Carolina Code of Laws § 56-1-720 establishes the point values for these types of infractions. For example, a two-point violation is given for someone who drives with unacceptable lights, in an improper lane, or operates a vehicle in an unsafe condition. A driver could receive a four-point violation for driving ten miles per hour over the speed limit, disobeying traffic control signals, or failing to yield right of way. A six-point violation is assessed for reckless behavior, passing a stopped school bus, and driving 25 miles or more over the speed limit.

Points could quickly add up with citations, leading to a suspended driver’s license. A skilled Goose Creek driving citation attorney could help an individual reduce penalties by challenging the ticket and building a solid defense in court.

Speeding Fines

Speeding tickets carry points according to each individual infraction. Various speeding tickets could carry two to six points and have fines that could range up to $445. Speeding is a strict liability offense which means that even if it was unintentional, the driver might still be convicted.

A seasoned traffic attorney familiar with local speeding fines could negotiate directly with the officer or contest the charges in court.

Rights for Roadway Offenses in Goose Creek

Since a traffic offense is a crime, a person charged with one is entitled to rights like any other crime. These rights include having a trial by jury, being presumed innocent until proven guilty, and compelling the prosecution to provide material for the defense through evidence.

A knowledgeable roadway violation attorney in Goose Creek could ensure the defendant receives their rights and gets the best possible outcome for their case.

Defenses against Traffic Citations

If someone is challenging a driving violation in court, they may have certain defenses, including:

  • The police laser or radar equipment was not working or does not have the proper certifications
  • The officer using the equipment may not have been trained to operate it properly
  • The speed limit sign that should alert a driver to reduce their speed is missing or damaged
  • The officer clocked the wrong car and gave the defendant a ticket that was supposed to be given to another driver

An attorney well-versed in local traffic laws could bring up all possible defenses to help lessen or eliminate the fines and points charged with the offense.

Reach Out to a Goose Creek Traffic Attorney Today

Whether this is your first roadway citation or your third, paying a traffic fine is equivalent to pleading guilty. Failing to show up for the court date or not paying a fine will cause you to be convicted in your absence. Call an attorney experienced with these types of infractions today.

A trained Goose Creek traffic lawyer may be able to challenge your citation in court, help avoid points on your record, and evade an increase in your insurance rate. Call us today to learn about how you could proceed with your driving violation.