You have a constitutional right to own and carry a gun. While states vary on how to treat and regulate firearms, it becomes tricky for prosecutors to both acknowledge your constitutional rights and seek a conviction. A Goose Creek gun lawyer could help you address allegations that you violated a gun law and work toward a positive courtroom resolution.

Seeking professional legal assistance from an Adams and Bischoff attorney in Summerville, Mount Pleasant, and North Charleston is imperative if you have been charged with committing a gun offense. Without legal representation, it could be more challenging to resolve the situation in a way that is satisfactory to you and does not compromise your constitutional rights.

Handgun Laws and Penalties in Goose Creek

Chapter 23 of the South Carolina Code of Laws Unannotated prohibits the unlawful carrying of a handgun, as well as the unlawful buying, selling, or possession of a handgun. Examples of unlawful acts include:

  • Carrying a concealed handgun without a permit
  • Selling or delivering a handgun to a minor under 18 years old
  • Transporting, buying, selling, or receiving a stolen handgun
  • Possession of a handgun by persons convicted of a felony violent crime
  • Carrying a handgun in a restricted place

Carrying a handgun in an unlawful manner is a misdemeanor crime. A conviction could result in either a fine of $1,000 or confinement for up to one year, as well as confiscation of the handgun. In some cases, both a fine and imprisonment could be imposed.

Selling or delivering a handgun to a minor or convicted felon and other handgun offenses, such as receiving a stolen handgun, are felonies. These crimes can be penalized by a sentence that includes up to five years incarceration and a fine of $2,000, and confiscation of the gun. Additional details about handgun laws in Goose Creek could be discussed with an attorney who knows gun laws.

What are the Long Gun Firearms Laws and Penalties in Goose Creek?

The state code of laws deems it unlawful for the general public to possess, keep, carry, store, sell, give, lend, or transport a wide range of long guns, including military firearms, machine guns, sawed-off shotguns, and sawed-off rifles. Active and reserve members of the U.S. Armed Forces are exempt from these laws.

A violation of state firearms laws pertaining to long guns is a felony. Upon conviction, an individual can expect a prison sentence of up to ten years and a fine as high as $10,000. Individuals facing criminal charges in Goose Creek for a long gun offense should consult a lawyer who handles firearms cases.

What are the Other Types of Gun Offenses in Goose Creek?

Other types of offenses involving firearms that can result in criminal charges in Goose Creek include pointing a gun at another person and taking a firearm from a law enforcement officer.

Pointing a gun, loaded or unloaded, at another person, unless in self-defense, is a felony punishable by a prison sentence of up to five years and a fine in an amount to be determined by the sentencing court. Taking a gun from an officer of the law is also a felony. A five-year prison term and a $5,000 fine could be imposed upon conviction.

Contact a Goose Creek Gun Attorney

It is a good idea to consult a Goose Creek gun lawyer if you have been charged with violating a gun law. Without the right defense strategy, you could risk facing imprisonment, a substantial fine, and confiscation of your firearm.

An attorney could work on a plan for fighting the specific gun charges against you. Contact an attorney right away to discuss your case.